Adjunct Art Instructor

MA, Drury University

BFA, Drury University

BS Art Ed, Drury University

Office: By Appointment Only


Kevin Kloppenburg

Kevin has taught at the Springfield Art Museum, as well as the Missouri Fine Arts Academy, at Missouri State University.  He has also taught in the Pre-College Programs for Gifted Students, at Drury University. He is a retired visual Art instructor for Springfield Public Schools after 29 years.   In 2012 he was selected as the ‘Secondary Missouri Art Teacher of the Year’, by the Missouri Art Education Association. Kevin enjoys all areas of Art but loves to draw and paint. He learned the lost art of handmade paper art while attending Drury. He has made a unique line of framed handmade paper art as well as a popular line of handmade paper ornaments. His work has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. He has participated in several regional festivals including; “Arts-fest” and “Cider Days” on Historic Walnut Street, “Winter-fest” at Hammons Hall. His work is featured in several Missouri Galleries including; Waverly House Gifts & Gallery, Springfield. STUFF, in Kansas City and Poppy, in Columbia, MIssouri.