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The Humanities Department

Th Humanities Department presents the breadth of of this discipline in two separate survey courses which students can take in in any sequence. Introduction to the Humanities 101 satisfies the general education requirement for a block I humanities course for an Associate of Arts degree. It surveys major movements in the:

  • Visual Arts– painting, sculpture, photography, cinema and architecture
  • Performance Arts– theater, music, dance, opera and musical stage
  • Literary Arts– novels, short stories and poems

This course demonstrates the intrinsic value imaginative works have that other sciences often overlook. For instance, verses, statues and plays remain relevant across centuries and generate new responses by contemporary viewers and readers every time they are experienced. Such enduring qualities are the main focus of this humanities course as students evaluate the rich traditions of European art.

World Humanities 102 satisfies the general education requirement of a block II humanities course for the Associate of Arts degree. Artistic traditions originating beyond the West are the main focus of this humanities course. It surveys indigenous, historical and contemporary visual art and architecture from Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. An introduction to imaginative works outside the culture we know best enrich our lives. This information connects students to modes of thinking, experiences or expressions that they otherwise would never consider or imagine. Such exposure works to expand the students’ participation in the stories, events, ideas and imaginative materials. Awareness of cultural elements such as these initiates them into this ongoing global conversation.

Under the Humanities are also courses in philosophy and religion. Click the “Philosophy and Religion” tab below to find out more information.