The visual arts program at OTC is committed to building a solid core of foundation courses in visual art concepts, processes and skills. We offer a curriculum that challenges students towards creativity and critical thinking in both creation and response to art. Visual literacy is dependent on student knowledge of cultural perspectives and the roll of art throughout history. It is also our goal to assist art students in building a solid portfolio consistent with their specific area of emphasis.


We offer a studio foundations core curriculum made up of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Design, Drawing I and Drawing II, Painting I and Painting II, Ceramics I and Ceramics II, as well as Printmaking. Also offered are art history courses that not only fulfill general education humanities requirements but also prepare students for a major in art. We emphasize student centered learning; our expectation is that our students will learn to demonstrate their assimilation of formal elements and principles of art and how to apply them through proper techniques and application of theory. Original thought and creative problem solving techniques are honed through student exhibitions and individual portfolio development.