Full Time Art Instructor

MFA, Claremont Graduate University

BA, California State University San Bernadino

AA, Cypress College CA

Office: ICE 235

Email: clemensc@otc.edu

Cathy Clemens

Sharing Art is a wonderful experience. I hold that idea close when I teach my students. I am a veteran instructor at OTC, and I helped shape the OTC Fine Art Department. The courses I teach include a variety of seated and online, lecture and studio.  I teach: ART 101 and 105 Art History I and II, ART 110 Art and Experience, ART 130 Printmaking and ART 115 Foundation I- 2D design and occasionally ART 295 Mobile Photography.

I am a practicing artist who works in a variety of mediums. I make it a point to indulge my passion for the world around me daily through photography, as well as creatively exploring new teaching techniques for the classroom. I encourage students to explore their creativity and practice it daily. I share with them an understanding of art that will benefit them in their daily lives throughout their lives.