Fine and visual artists create artwork to inspire thought, action and communicate ideas. Some visual artists work independently, some work collaboratively, and some create art commissioned by others. Often it is a studio artist’s goal and desire is to be self-supporting financially solely though his or her art, but this requires a certain level of success. Many artists find ways to support themselves as they make their artistic mark on the world. Some take on freelance work, are hired to work in another artist’s studio, or are employees of companies that produce visual materials (such as publishers and advertising agencies). Others create their art while supporting themselves by working in unrelated industries. There are art careers in illustration, special effects, web design, art direction, museum direction, graphic design, architecture, fashion and more. Here is a short list of some careers in art you may not have thought of:

Advertising and Marketing



Art Historian

Art Instructor

Art Restorer

Art Therapist

Costume Designer

Fashion Designer

Food Stylist

Freelance Photographer

Gallery Manager

Gallery Owner

Graphic Designer


Independent Artist

Interior Design

Makeup Designer


Museum Curator

Photo Journalist

Screen Printer

Set Designer

Sign Painter

Tattoo Artist

Textile Designer

Video Game Designer

Web Designer