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High School Counselors and Administrators

Dual Credit Benefits

The OTC Dual Credit program allows high school and homeschool student to enroll in college courses at their high school or online.

The benefits to students who take dual credit courses are numerous:

  • Dual credit provides students with a head start on a college degree.
  • Cost savings for students and their families can be substantial.
  • Students who participate in dual credit experience a smoother transition to college.
  • Dual credit students are more likely to complete a college degree and have higher college GPAs.

Schools and teachers also benefit when students enroll in dual credit classes. For seated classes at the high school, OTC remunerates a portion of dual credit tuition back to participating schools and approved dual credit instructors gain experience teaching college curriculum.

How to Partner

Any school located with the OTC Service Area can participate in OTC Dual Credit.

For more information on the steps to begin a partnership, contact the Dual Credit office at

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