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Why do we proctor?

Simply put, we proctor to ensure our ability to meet our mission of ensuring we strengthen the communities we serve.  OTC stands by the quality of our graduates, and as such, we take our responsibility to ensure the identity of students taking our online courses seriously.  By requiring both the use of a secure user ID and password, and at least one proctored event per online course, we are confident in our ability to ensure the integrity of our online programs.

Relevant Policies

  • Per OTC Policy 2.21, each online course will include one proctored event, and each student registered for that course must participate in that event.
  • Per FDCR.A.10.050, an institution offering distance (online) education shall have processes through which the institution establishes that the student who registers in the course(s) is the same student who participates in and receives the academic credit.

Additionally, our proctoring requirement

  • helps us to meet the standards of many of our Program Accreditations, ensuring our graduates have an advantage in the hiring process in our Technical and Allied Health fields
  • helps us meet the requirements of many of our Articulation agreements, ensuring the transferability of many of our courses
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