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Online Class List for Dual Credit

Students can choose from the list of class options below.

These classes have a transfer guarantee to any public college in the state of Missouri through CORE 42 (except where indicated). For information about accreditation, certificates and degrees, transferability of courses and more, see Dual Credit Resources.

For descriptions and credit hours of the courses listed, see dual credit online course descriptions 2019 – 2020.

Course Code & Number

Course Title

ART 100

Art and Experience

ART 105

Art History: Renaissance through Contemporary

BIO 100

Life Science

BIO 135

Nutrition for Living

BUS 115  – (Non-CORE 42)

Personal Finance

CHM – (exploring options after academic year)

To Be Announced

CIS 101 – (Non-CORE 42/potential discontinue after academic year)

Technology and Digital Literacy

COM 105 – (potential change after academic year)

Public Speaking***

ENG 101

Composition I

ENG 102

Composition II**

HST 120

U.S. History I: to 1865

HST 130

U.S. History II: 1865-Present

MTH 128

Contemporary Mathematics*

MTH 130

College Algebra*

MUS 105

Western Music Appreciation

PHL 101

Introduction to Philosophy

PHY 105

Introduction to Physics

PHY 110

Introduction to Geology

PHY 115

Introduction to Astronomy

PLS 101

American Government and Politics

PSY 110

Introduction to Psychology*

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology*

SPN 101

Spanish I

SPN 102

Spanish II**

*Course has recommendation(s) prior to enrollment.  See online dual credit course descriptions link below for more information.

**Course has requisite(s)/requirement(s) prior to enrollment

***See additional COM 105 requirements beyond requirements for online dual credit courses.

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