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Online Class List for Dual Credit

Students can choose from the list of class options below. These classes have a transfer guarantee to any public college in the state of Missouri through CORE 42 (except where indicated).

Course Code & Number

Course Title

ART 100

Art and Experience

ART 105

Art History: Renaissance through Contemporary

BIO 100 – New! 

Life Science

BIO 135 – New! 

Nutrition for Living

BUS 115  – (Non-CORE 42/potential discontinue after academic year)

Personal Finance

CHM – (exploring options after academic year)

To Be Announced

CIS 101 – (Non-CORE 42/potential discontinue after academic year)

Technology and Digital Literacy

COM 105 – New! 

Public Speaking***

ENG 101

Composition I

ENG 102

Composition II*

HST 120

US History: First Americans to Civil War

HST 130

US History: Reconstruction to the Present

MTH 128

Contemporary Mathematics**

MTH 130


MUS 105 – New!

Western Music Appreciation

PHL 101 – New!

Introduction to Philosophy

PHY 105

Introduction to Physics

PHY 110

Introduction to Geology

PHY 115

Introduction to Astronomy

PLS 101

American Government and Politics

PSY 110

Introduction to Psychology**

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology**

SPN 101

Spanish I

SPN 102

Spanish II*

*Previous course completion requirements to enroll. **Recommendations prior to enrollment.  See online dual credit course descriptions link below for more information.

***See additional COM 105 requirements beyond requirements for online dual credit courses.

For descriptions of the courses listed, see dual credit online course descriptions 2019 – 2020

For information about accreditation, certificates and degrees, transferability of courses and more, see Dual Credit Documents and Links

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