The following is a list of frequently asked questions for the BCS department.  Click on each question to reveal the answer.


Why does my degree program say A.S. in BCS if I want to be a _______(nurse, dental hygienist, PTA, etc.)?

Degree Programs

Most Allied Health programs are selective admission (excluding Hearing Instrument Sciences and Health Information Technology) and you cannot be placed into your prospective program until you have been officially selected. In the meantime, prospective Allied Health students are placed into the Associates of Science in Biological Clinical Sciences (A.S. BCS) degree. This allows them to be degree seeking for the purpose of Financial Aid while they complete their preadmission requirements.

Do I need to complete the A.S. BCS degree before I am allowed to apply to an Allied Health program?e

Degree Completion

You only need to complete the prerequisite courses for the particular program you’re seeking.

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

Do I have to take every class on my A.S in BCS degree program if I get accepted into my allied health program?


This is up to you and depends on your ultimate goal (see your advisor).   It will be beneficial to finish the degree if you are close to completing the degree!

If I were to complete the A.S. BCS degree, how will that help me in the job market?

Job Market

Completing any college degree will help you in the job market!

Does the A.S. BCS degree transfer to any bachelor’s program? If so, which?

Bachelor’s Programs

Yes, it will transfer to the Health Services-Clinical Services option at MSU use the following link: MSU Health Services

Make sure to talk with the MSU transfer desk found in student services at your OTC campus.

Do you know of any employers or positions that require the A.S. BCS degree?


At this time, we do not, although getting a college degree will always be beneficial when entering the job market.

Which class should I take first?

Preferred Course Sequence

Instead of planning classes from the Degree Audit in OTC Central, students need to use the ‘Preferred Course Sequence’ for the Allied Health program they’re looking to get into. Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

I want a career in health care, but am unsure about my specific direction. How can I find out more about the different health care career options that are out there?

Health Care Career Options

You can take HSC-110 Introduction to Health Professions, a one credit hour course that provides an exploration of various health professions. This course will cover strategies for success in a health profession including career planning, self-assessment and prerequisites for admission to health care career programs.  This class also discusses cultural diversity, patient confidentiality, medical ethics, legal issues and professionalism.

In addition, see the bulletin board on allied health fields in the science resource center on the main campus located in the Norman K. Meyers Building Suite 235

How long will it take me to complete my program?

Degree Completion

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

What will it cost to complete the program of my choice?

Program Costs

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

There are several anatomy and physiology courses (BCS 115, RST 105, BCS 145-146 and BCS 165/205) which sequence should I take?

Which Course Sequence

BCS 145 will not be offered anymore after summer 2018, and BCS 146 will not be offered anymore after fall 2018.

BCS 115 is for Health Information Technology and Hearing Instrument Science only.

It depends on what allied health field you’re choosing to go into.  It is best to speak to an advisor.  If you choose not to seek advice it may prolong your time getting into the program of your choice, in addition to costing you more money!

What is the employment outlook for a __________ (nurse, dental hygienist, MLT, etc.)

Employment Outlook

Please take a look at OTC’s career services website.

What Allied Health Programs does OTC offer?

Allied Health Programs

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

What campus will I be attending if I get accepted to an allied health program?

Which Campus

It depends on where the program is offered.  Different programs are offered on different campuses.  If the program you are wanting to attend is offered on multiple campuses, then you will need a separate application for each program at each campus. 

What does bio-clinical sciences mean? What are they? Why are they important?

What is Bio-clinical Sciences?

The biological clinical sciences are the basic science courses you need to take which provide the foundational knowledge necessary to pass the courses in allied health.

Typically, these courses focus on determining the causal mechanisms behand the functioning of the human body in health and illness.

Which of the BCS courses will transfer to MSU and other universities or allied health programs?

Course Transfers

Always talk with a transfer advisor at the institution you plan to go to.

When you visit the institution you plan to transfer to they will have a list of their transfer equivalent courses.

Can I take all of my required courses at one campus location?

Where are Classes Offered?

It depends on the program but the answer is probably no.  Not all needed courses are taught at all locations; however, this is constantly changing.  Please check with an advisor at your desired location.

Do I need to purchase all my materials before the first day of class?


We would recommend that you wait until you meet with your instructor for the first time to determine if they are going to use all assigned materials.

How many people are accepted into the _________ program?

How Many People are in the Program?

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

What does my GPA need to be to get into _________ program?

Minimum GPA

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

What are appropriate study and test-taking skills for these courses?

Study Skills

See the student resources tab on the BCS departmental website.  (Study Skills)

Are tutors available to help with these courses?

Yes. Use the following link: Tutoring and Learning Center

How do I find out who my advisor is and how do I go about setting up an appointment with them?


Use the following link: Who is my advisor?

Can I concurrently enroll in both BCS 165 and 205?


No.  However, if you have taken the class before or are already practicing in an allied health field you may contact the BCS Department Chair to get permission.

How do I apply to my prospective program?


Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

How can I find out more information about my prospective program?

More Information

Select the particular program you’re seeking at the following link: Allied Health Programs

What should I do if I’m flunking a class?

Class Issues

See your instructor first!  If you choose to drop without consulting either your instructor or advisor there could be serious financial consequences regarding your financial aid.

I’m taking an online class and am not doing well, can I switch to a seated course?

Switching Courses

Within the first two days of class only.

Why do I have to become an LPN first? Can’t I just go straight to RN school?

Nursing Programs

If you go into nursing at OTC you must go through our LPN program first.  These two programs together will take you a year and 9 months to complete.