OTC Bioclinical Sciences Department

The OTC Bioclinical Sciences Department provides coursework designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in pursuing an applied health sciences degree. We are a diverse group of instructors with expertise in a variety of biological and public health areas. Courses in our department include:

  • BCS 102 – Intro to Bioclinical Science
  • BCS 115 – Survey of Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)
  • BCS 132 – Allied Health Nutrition
  • BCS 165 – Human Anatomy
  • BCS 200 – Microbiology
  • BCS 205 – Human Physiology
  • BCS 210 – Pathophysiology

For more information on these courses, please check out the course descriptions in our catalog.


We work closely with OTC’s Health Sciences Division as many of our students go on to seek a Health Sciences degree. Since most Health Sciences programs have a selective admissions process, students awaiting acceptance are placed into our AA.BCS Degree. This allows them to study relevant topics while maintaining degree-seeking status for financial aid purposes.

last updated 7/22/21