Student Expectations

You should always follow the standards outlined in the “Policies & Procedures Related to Student Conduct” in  OTC’s Student Handbook when participating in your BCS courses.

Please also see your course syllabus for any information your instructor may give you on how these standards specifically apply to their classroom.


Did you know that some of OTC’s selective admissions Health Sciences program require you to submit a reference form from one or more of your BCS faculty? 

These include all 3 LPN programs, MLT, OTA, Paramedicine, RST, and SUR.


What can you do to improve your chances of getting a good recommendation?

Below are the criteria your instructors will be rating you on.  So, as you participate in your BCS courses,  be sure you are working hard at demonstrating the following:

Exceptional Attitude and Personality

  • are you cooperative?
  • are you confident?
  • are you courteous?
  • do you accept criticism?

Exceptional Reliability

  • are you honest and dependable?
  • is your behavior ethical?
  • do you attend all scheduled class sessions?

Exceptional Work Habits and Industry

  • are you motivated?
  • are you organized?
  • do you take initiative?
  • do you work well with others?

Exceptional Performance Under Pressure

  • do you employ problem solving skills?
  • do you employ critical thinking skills?
  • do you respond appropriately under stress?

Exceptional Communication

  • do you speak clearly?
  • is your writing clear?
  • are you confident when having a conversation with someone?
  • do you demonstrate empathy?

If you have any questions about how you are doing on any of these criteria and/or how you can improve your skills in these areas – just ask!  Your instructor will be glad to help!

Study Skills

Study Skills Refreshers:

Whether you are a returning student or a brand new student, everyone needs a little help with refreshing their study skills.  Please take a look at some of our resources to help you!

Here is some information on Visible body, which is a free download and usage for OTC students!

last updated 7/22/2021