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CORE 42 MOTR Guarantee

The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) has identified a common set of general education courses.  These courses are call the “CORE 42.”  CORE 42 courses are guaranteed to transfer to any Missouri public college or university to satisfy general education requirements.

The CORE 42 offers several courses across five knowledge areas.  The knowledge areas are: Communications (Oral and Written), Humanities and Fine Arts, Mathematical Sciences, Natural Sciences and Social & Behavioral Sciences.  These courses are designated with a Missouri Transfer (MOTR) course number, that guarantees the one-to-one transfer of these courses to all Missouri public institutions of higher education.

Courses that do not have the CORE 42 designation may still transfer, but students are encouraged to check the transfer equivalency website of the institution to which they plan to transfer in order to be sure.

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