Dual Credit Enrollment Period Appeal

The Dual Credit Enrollment Period Appeal process exists for students who missed the current semester enrollment period due to a documented extenuating circumstance.

Please review the following information to determine eligibility before submission.


All requests for appeals must be submitted via the following process within 30 calendar days of the enrollment period end date for the current semester.

Per Accreditation, students interested in enrolling in dual credit must follow the college’s enrollment dates. Enrollment changes cannot occur outside the dates set by the college. Meaning, that many students who choose not to enroll or miss the enrollment deadline experience the rigor of college at no cost to the family and for high school credit only.

A documented extenuating circumstance may allow for additional review, on rare occasions. Extenuating circumstances are overwhelming and unforeseen circumstances that significantly impact the student’s ability to complete enrollment during the enrollment window. These circumstances may include medical emergencies or hardship to the student’s immediate family or an error at the high school or college level.

It is the student’s responsibility to request an appeal and provide documentation. Documentation must include a formal appeal letter describing the reasons and justification for the appeal, including dates and supporting documentation. Requests must include all required documentation at the time of submission.

Requests made outside of the procedures above with be denied.

Requests for appeal are reviewed by a committee. Committee review decisions will be communicated via email within 30 days of the submission date. All decisions made by the review committee are final.

By utilizing the following form, the student’s family is agreeing to the terms and conditions above: