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OTC Dual Credit Checklist

Students must successfully complete all steps for enrollment and coursework for credit.

1. Speak With High School Counselor

Discuss OTC Dual Credit and class options with the high school representative. Proceed to Step 2, if approved by the high school representative.

Homeschool and private school students can participate in online classes through OTC Dual Credit. Proceed to Step 2.

2. Apply to Become an OTC Student (2 parts)

Completion of both parts within this step is required before students can enroll in class(es) via step four below. Both parts are free.  

If you completed the application (see Part B) within the last year, or participated in an OTC class within the last year, and you remember your OTC ID, move on to the next step.

Part A: Create an Account. The use of an email address outside the high school email is recommended. Afterward, go to the email you provided for the next steps.

Part B: Application. Use the email provided after completion of Part A to login and apply. Remember to select Dual Credit within.  


3. Guided Self-Placement

Complete the Guided Self-Placement Tool to determine which English and math classes are right for you. Making an informed and wise decision about placement is important. For more information about why we use this tool as an alternative to tests like the ACT, visit the Guided Self-Placement Overview.

4. Submit Completed Dual Credit Registration Form

Each school has a unique list of course offerings available for discounted dual credit tuition. Use only the course code(s) provided under the school you attend to complete the registration form below. If online is listed under the school you attend, use the online dual credit class list to complete the form.

The Dual Credit Class Registration and Permission Form is now in e-signature format! Start the process by entering the name and email for the student, parent, and school contact who will electronically sign the document. Then, enter student information, course(s) requested, e-sign and select “Finish” to send the form to the next signee. Once all signatures are obtained, each party will receive a copy of the completed form, including the dual credit office. Once the student is enrolled in the course, a confirmation of registration will be sent to the email addresses provided.

Fall 2020 deadlines for completed application and registration form submissions:

  • Online classes – priority deadline April 14 to *as long as space is available* or until August 19 
  • Seated classes – April 1 to September 16

If you didn’t see a course or format you wanted, feel free to explore the Early Start program at the regular OTC tuition rate.

5. Obtain Course Materials

After email receipt of registration in class(es), utilize the following for course materials information.

  • Contact the high school instructor of the dual credit course, or the high school counselor, to see if course materials are provided.
  • Otherwise, login to,  select the graduation hat icon on the left-hand side, Bookstore Materials, the correct semester near the top, and View Books. Check back later if the correct semester is not available or use the contact information below.

Use the OTC Bookstore site for information on AutoAccess, purchase options, hours, location,  and more. If you have questions, utilize the links provided or contact the OTC Bookstore 417-447-6620.

6. Make Payment

Spring 2020 Dates: 

  • Payment Window Opens & Invoices Begin: February 21
  • Payment Deadline & Disenrollment for Unpaid Balance: March 25

Only after the payment window opens, utilize the invoice from within myOTC email or request a total balance due from

  • Pay online with a credit card – For student ID or log in assistance, the student may contact the Help Desk.
  • Pay in person – stop by an OTC location to make a payment in person. Cash payments are accepted at the Springfield and Richwood Valley campuses only.

Note: Dual Credit students are not eligible for Financial Aid. If disenrollment for an unpaid balance occurs, students will not receive credit which may affect their high school graduation, ability to enroll in future classes and/or ability to request a transcript.

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