OTC Behavioral Sciences Department

The Behavioral Sciences Department’s mission is to educate students who can apply their knowledge to pursue professional interests, acquire academic skills and enrich their personal lives. We offer programs in disciplines for students who care about studying people and how they interact with one another. Our faculty are committed to providing a personal classroom experience that helps students build foundational knowledge, promotes critical thinking and raises social consciousness. Our hope is that knowledge of societal problems leads to action and change for the betterment of the community and the individual.

To accomplish this mission, the department provides students with accessible, high-quality education in Social Work, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Health Support and Sociology. These courses are necessary for successful completion of the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Applied Science degree programs. Successfully completing our programs requires students to master reading, writing and thinking logically. We believe these skills are crucial to attaining career opportunities and furthering a student’s higher educational goals.