Which degree is right for me?

Choosing a program can feel like a difficult task. Below are highlights of each Behavioral Science program to help you get started. You can click on the degree track to go to their individual page.

Navigators are available to help you plan your courses and get scheduled. To find the name of your Navigator and their contact information, go to your MyOTC account.


Sociology at the college level provides a gateway understanding for the other social sciences such as psychology, history, law, criminal justice, economics, anthropology, political science as well as many of the humanities.

  • The study of Sociology, as well as any of the other social sciences, creates a more educated citizenry able to make more informed choices about the decisions they may be faced with in their daily lives.
  • This background can transition into a wide variety of four-year degrees.

Social Work

Courses are specifically created and constructed to transfer seamlessly to MSU’s School of Social Work and other local four-year programs.

  • High acceptance rate to competitive admission programs at the university level.
  • Transfer agreements not restricted to Social Work degrees.

Psychology (Behavioral Science)

Versatile degree that can lead to a career in counseling, social work, research, business and many interesting fields.

  • Psychology is a field that leads to divergent paths and allows people to have the ability to change career paths as they navigate through life.
  • Multiple transfer agreements in place across the area, including local universities.

Criminal Justice

Many different career options such as Law Enforcement Officer, State Probation and Parole Officer, U.S. Marshal, FBI Agent, U.S. Probation Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Officer, Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Attorney, Criminologist, and many other agencies within the criminal justice field.

  • Hands-on experiences through tours and hearing from guest speakers currently employed in the field.
  • Direct admission to programs at Missouri State and Missouri Southern. Additional agreements with institutions across the area.

Behavioral Health Support

Direct to work program that is seen as equivalent to a four-year degree for employment at Department of Mental Health facilities and other local social service agencies.

  • Real world experiences through over 300 hours of practicum.
  • Targeted curriculum for training as a case manager.

** All Behavioral Science programs have transfer agreements in place for those who wish to continue their educational journey after leaving OTC. **