OTC Bioclinical Sciences Department

The OTC Bioclinical Sciences Department supports students as they learn about the living world around them. We are a diverse group of instructors with expertise in a variety of biological and public health areas. Our courses cover a wide range of foundational science and health topics including anatomy, physiology and microbiology.

We offer two programs: the Associate of Science (A.S.) in Biological Clinical Science and the Certificate in Biological Clinical Science. The A.S. program is a two-year course of study designed for students who want to pursue an Allied Health degree or transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The certificate is a shorter program designed for students who have already started their careers and need to boost their knowledge and credentials.

We work closely with OTC’s Allied Health Division as many of our students go on to seek an Allied Health degree. Since most Allied Health programs have a selective admissions process, students awaiting acceptance are placed into the Biological Science Program. This allows them to study relevant topics while maintaining degree-seeking status for financial aid purposes.