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Please first review the information provided on the about articulated credit page, before returning here for additional information specific to educators. 

We would love to partner with you!

See “Step 1: Explore – ” section under “How to build a partnership with OTC?” below.

Here are the steps for new instructors and schools to build an articulated credit partnership with OTC:

Step 1: Explore –

  1. Learn more about articulated credit with OTC to ensure understanding of program expectations and practices.
  2. Review a sample list of articulated course options by the current school partner. Select the course name to see course descriptions.
  3. And/or see all course descriptions at the college. Remember, articulated credit courses are primarily introductory-level, technical education courses.
  4. Keep in mind, the courses offered depend entirely upon each instructor’s credentials and the alignment of the course(s) offered at the high school with OTC course offerings. 

Step 2: Apply –

  1. If instructor credentials and substantial course alignment exist, then the instructor submits an Instructor Application for Articulated Credit. If uncertainty exists about alignment with instructor credentials or course, please go ahead and apply!

Step 3: Partner –

  1. If approval is obtained by the review committee, the articulated credit office creates and shares an Articulated Credit School Partnership Agreement with the district to obtain principal and/or director signatures from the school site. The agreement includes all approved courses by the committee.
    • Note: Agreements are active for a three-year cycle. Instructors must re-apply every three years. 
  2. Once a signature is obtained by school administration and provided back to OTC, the approved courses are added to the Course Options by School Partner page. The expiration date of the agreement is included on this site and instructors utilize information in the next section for the next steps to complete each semester an OTC course is offered. 

Instructors and other school personnel can see the expiration date for the course(s) offered within the Course Options by School Partner page.

Instructors and other school personnel can begin the process to renew their existing partnership by starting at Step 2: Apply – within the “How does a school build a new partnership with OTC?” section above.

After a partnership agreement exists (see How to Build a School Partnership section above), the following must be completed for each semester an OTC Articulated Course is offered.

Approved instructors and school sites:

  1. ensure the approved OTC course(s) are taught
  2. eligible students complete high school portion of the process at their site and/or in their classroom.
    • Each student interested in articulated credit registers online in CATEMA at
      • Accurate SSN, Date of Birth, and non-high school email address must be provided within CATEMA to be eligible to earn credit
    • The high school instructor accepts each student into each class in CATEMA.
    • At the close of each articulated credit course, the instructor selects either “credit recommended” or “not recommended” for each student in each course.
      • Note: Only those with 80% and above as their final grade in the course are marked as “credit recommended” by the instructor.
    • Refer all students who earned 80% or above/”credit recommended” to their next steps, to assist them with understanding expectations and the process to earn college credit.

While in high school, students receive support about the articulated credit program from the participating high school.

However, once students begin transitioning to OTC, students become college students. In college, federal regulations (FERPA) state all educational rights shift solely to the student, no matter the student’s age. Meaning, we cannot disclose student information to educators, even when students are minors.

Therefore, in college, students become entirely responsible for their education and completion of processes, including articulated credit. Students are encouraged to contact OTC directly for assistance. We are happy to help!

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