Resources for Parents

Please first review the information provided on the about articulated credit page, before returning here for additional information specific to parents and guardians. 

  1. Carefully review the about articulated credit page to better understand the expectations, eligibility and process to earning free college credits!  
  2. Next, review the steps for students to earn college credit at OTC
  3. Then, while the student is in high school, discuss these steps with the student and the high school representative to ensure the student completes the necessary steps and maintains eligibility.
  4. Afterward, support the student in transitioning to OTC and remind them to continue to complete the steps (see item 2 above) while participating in college classes at OTC. This last step will rely heavily on the student to complete on their own, due to FERPA (see more about FERPA below).

While in high school, students and parents can receive support about the articulated credit program from the participating high school.

However, once students begin transitioning to OTC, students become college students. In college, federal regulations (FERPA) state all educational rights shift solely to the student, no matter the student’s age. Meaning, we cannot disclose student information to parents, even when students are minors.

Therefore, in college, students become entirely responsible for their education and completion of processes, including articulated credit. Students are encouraged to contact OTC directly for assistance. We are happy to help!