Resources for Students

Please first review the information provided on the about articulated credit page, before returning here for additional information specific to students.

1   Carefully review the about articulated credit page. 


2   While in high school, students participating in one or more courses from these schools, complete the following process. 

    • Only after the high school creates the course, can the student create an account and enroll in course(s) in the CATEMA database online.
      • Accurate MOSIS, Date of Birth, and non-high school email address must be provided within CATEMA to be eligible to earn credit
      • The student must enroll in each eligible course.
      • A high school representative accepts each student into each articulated credit course.
    • In order to be eligible for credit, students must maintain an overall high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, as well as a 3.0 (or 80% and above) as the final grade in each articulated credit class.
      • Only if the student meets these expectations is their course registration in CATEMA marked as “recommended for credit” by the instructor.
    • Only students who successfully complete the process above, and meet these standards communicated within, receive a communication from OTC about their next steps.


3   While at OTC, students must successfully complete a college course with OTC and submit a Student Application for Articulated Credit, within two years of high school graduation.

    • The Student Application for Articulated Credit is the only method to communicate to OTC that students wish to have their articulated credits posted on their OTC transcript. 
      • This step is often completed with an OTC advisor or navigator.
      • After submission of the application, eligible student’s applications are reviewed against CATEMA records.
      • If eligible to earn credit, the request is forwarded to the OTC registrar for transcription of OTC credit on the student’s OTC transcript.
    • Students are able to see if and when credits are applied to their OTC transcript through their myOTC account.


Note: the process is FREE! However, all eligible credits are posted as “P” (passing) grades only on OTC transcripts.  

After careful review of the “How do I earn college credit at OTC” section above, students can utilize the following resources:

While in high school – see step 2 above:

While in college, often after high school graduation – see step 3 above: