OTC offers tutoring in many subjects supporting course content as well as strategies for success. Topics include writing, accounting, computers and programming, geography, history, languages, mathematics, science, speech writing and delivery, among others. Visit the tutoring main page for more details.

The TLC offers various ways to get tutoring help. View the About Us for tutor and student role expectations.

  • Walk-in: The TLC offers tutoring in-person or online. In this more traditional tutoring approach, student visit the TLC, in-person or login, and access tutors and resources as needed.
  • One-on-One appointments: Students can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a trained tutor in course content as well as strategies for success
  • Text tutoring: send a text to (417) 501-1220. Texts will be answered during TLC In-Person Hours.

See TLC homepage for links, topics, and locations.

Math Coaching & Support

  • Meet one-on-one with a math tutor
  • Face-to-face or online
  • Math and math strategies for OTC math courses including Pre-calc, and lower

Academic Coaching

  • Meet one-on-one
  • Face-to-face or online
  • Academic Coaching strategies any subject

Yes! Students can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a trained tutor in course content as well as strategies for success. Click here to learn more.

Face-to-face tutoring is the TLC’s relatively more traditional way for students to receive tutoring. The students visits the TLC, logs in with their student ID, then finds a place to sit at a table or computer. The student works on their own and when they have a question they gain the tutor’s attention.

One-on-one tutoring is for the student that needs a little more help. Students make their own appointments.  The tutor helps with content questions as well as strategies for learning. See TLC homepage link below.

See TLC homepage for links, topics, and locations.

The TLC has a collection of math study resources here. Contact the TLC if you would like to see more.

Share your study resources with the TLC! Find Contact info here.

The TLC services are reserved only for OTC students. Special exceptions must be considered by the TLC’s director. See About Us page for contact information.

Our policy for appointments is, you can make one appointment at a time. This is to ensure that all students have access to them. Once you have your scheduled appointment, please feel free to book another appointment.

Our Math Coaching appointments are for students who may need help with the foundation of the math class or a refresher. The students that are in the math classes we don’t offer coaching for we assume are already using the foundation well on their own. If students don’t see their math class or other class offered, an Academic Coach appointment might be helpful. There you can get help with study strategies to help with homework, note taking, studying for tests, test anxiety and retaining information.

Students are expected to bring all notes, books, attempted homework, and supplies.

Please view the TLC Tutoring Partnership  for the TLC’s Learning Partnership expectations.

The TLC does not allow food in the computer labs. Covered drinks are allowed.

The TLC understands that parents may have various emergencies that result in them needing to bring their kids. As long as the child does not interrupt learning for the student or the rest of the lab, they are welcome for the visit. Better yet, OTC’s library has a family study room where the student can log in to online tutoring while their child plays or hangs out.

OTC has open computer labs available at each campus and center, for student, faculty, and staff use. In addition to standard expectations for open computer lab usage, the TLC, located at OTC’s Springfield campus, offers up-to-date technology and tutoring services, fostering a supportive environment for students to improve their computer skills and receive academic guidance. Click here for more information about TLC’s Open Computer Lab.