Tutoring is a Learning Partnership

We, the TLC staff and tutors, strive to empower ALL students to achieve success.
Please help us make the TLC a welcoming place by treating ALL others with respect and

We, the staff and tutors:

  1. Will help you make sense of what you don’t understand…
    But CANNOT replace your instructor.
  2. Will explain the concepts or the process…
    But CANNOT just give you the answer.
  3. Will help you identify areas of difficulty…
    But CANNOT do your homework for you.
  4. Will help you to achieve your learning goals.
  5. Will expect nothing less than your best effort…
    And hope you will expect nothing less of us.

Tutoring is most effective when the student:

  1. Has attended class regularly and taken notes.
  2. Has read the chapter and marked the parts on which he/she wants
  3. Comes to the lab prepared with textbook, class notes, attempted
    homework, etc.
  4. Signs in and out at the front desk or online receptionist so that we can justify hiring an
    adequate number of staff and tutors.
  5. Understands that he/she is not the only person needing assistance
    and waits as patiently as possible.