Social Sciences Department Chair

History Instructor

MA, Missouri State University

BA, Missouri State University

Office: ICE 233

Phone: 417-447-8258

 Gregory French has been an Instructor of World and American History in the Department of Social Sciences at OTC since 2014, and previously taught American History at Missouri State University from 2014-2016.  As of Fall 2019, Mr. French is also the Department Chair for Social Sciences.

In addition to World and American history survey courses, Mr. French has taught several courses for the OTC Honors Program, including:  A Global History of Food, Sport:  A Global History, and HST 106:  World History II Honors (with a special emphasis on the Enlightenment and French Revolution).

Mr. French graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in History from Missouri State University in 2009, and completed his Masters degree in Early Modern European History in 2011.  His research interests include Early Modern Europe (the Reformation), the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution, the American Civil War, and the World Wars.