OTC History

The Social Science Department offers both US and World History Survey courses from experienced faculty.


World History

In World History I, students can explore the history of humanity from its earliest origins through the Renaissance Era.  Students wishing to examine the history of the world from the time of Columbus through the present day can enroll in World History II.  Our World History courses meet Core 42 criteria and are transferrable to four-year institutions.


US History

Students wishing to complete their OTC Civics Requirement via a History course have the option to take US History I or US History II.  In US History I, students will survey the history of the United States from pre-Columbian societies through the end of the Civil War.  US History II offers students the opportunity to survey American History from Reconstruction to the present day, while covering the major developments that have shaped modern America.  Our US History courses meet Core 42 criteria and are transferrable to four-year institutions.


Special Topics

Additionally, the department offers elective courses in the Holocaust (HST 295) and Twentieth Century America (HST 230).  HST 298 is a special-topics course with a study abroad component.  Currently, this course focuses on the History of Peru with a trip to the country planned for Spring 2019.  Our special topics courses meet OTC Elective requirements and count towards hours needed for your OTC degree.


Honors Courses

The department also works with the OTC Honors Program to offer US and World History courses to Honors students.  These courses provide students with a more rigorous examination of the course content, and students must complete additional reading and coursework to gain Honors credit.  Honors courses offered by the department include The History of Sport (HST 295), A Global History of Food (HST 295), US History I, and World History II.