Safety of Clients, Students & Faculty

In order to safeguard the clients, students, and faculty that work in or with the OTA Program, equipment and supplies are monitored and recorded for appropriate and safe use on a regular basis according to the manufacturer’s suggested practices. Infection control practices are in place and the program provides all students and faculty with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies for sanitizing and disinfecting work spaces, equipment, and materials used for classes, labs, and clinicals. Students are taught early in the program how to properly utilize PPE equipment and perform infection control practices, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control.

A link to the OTC Safety and Security Department for general campus security procedures can be found here:

Information about crisis plans and evacuation procedures can be found under security “Policies and Procedures” at the link below:

Grievance Procedure for Students & Faculty

The Grievance Procedure for Students can be found in OTC Policy 5.17:

The Employee Grievance and Appeal can be found in OTC Policy 3.36:

Withdrawal and Refunds of Tuition and Fees

Information about withdrawal from classes can be found here:

Information about refunds of tuition and fees can be found here:

Progression & Graduation

Information about probation, suspension and dismissal can be found in the documents below:

  • Click HERE for Academic Suspension
  • Click HERE for Disciplinary Suspension
  • Click HERE for Voluntary Student Withdrawal

Information about graduation requirements can be found here: