Honors Contract Courses

An Honors Contract Course is a unique educational experience where (based on need) an Honors Program student may enroll in a regular/traditional course, for which an honors section is unavailable, and, with an instructor’s help, complete additional readings/writings/presentations/etc. in order to obtain honors credit for that non-honors section. These additional “honors assignments” must be agreed upon by the student/instructor/honors director prior to the start of the course – and these items (written down and signed by all parties) represent the Honors Contract.

The Honors Contract Course option is available to Honors Program students as needed to help students who, due to scheduling conflicts, could not otherwise complete the required number of honors courses for Honors Program completion. Honors Contract Course approval is at the sole discretion of the Honors Program Director and participating faculty member.

For more information on completing an Honors Contract Course, please contact us at Honors@otc.edu.

Prior Learning Credit

The OTC Honors Program is excited to offer OTC student members of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) the opportunity to complete online PTK training courses and earn 3 hours of OTC Honors Program credit as HON 101 for doing so.  You do not have to be a member of the OTC Honors Program to take advantage of this opportunity.  Through the ptk.org website, Phi Theta Kappa offers its members several excellent free self-paced online training courses.

These include:

  • 5 Edge training courses (Employment Edge, Transfer Edge, Competitive Edge, Research Edge, and HealthCare Edge).
  • A Leadership Development Studies training course.

Any OTC student member of Phi Theta Kappa who completes 4 of the 5 PTK Edge training courses listed above (must include Competitive Edge) and the PTK Leadership Development studies training course, can earn 3 hours of OTC Honors Program Credit for doing so, shown as HON 101 on their OTC transcript.  Once again, you do not have to be a part of the OTC Honors Program to take advantage of this opportunity; it is open to all OTC members of Phi Theta Kappa.

This is an excellent opportunity for both OTC Honors Program and OTC Phi Theta Kappa Students.  It allows OTC-PTK students to utilize PTK’s exceptional free online self-paced training courses to earn 3 hours of OTC Honors Program credit – regardless of whether you’re in the OTC Honors Program or not.

Below, please find the steps to earn 3 hours of OTC HON 101 credit through the online PTK Edge and Leadership Development Studies training courses.

  • Use your PTK membership credentials to log into the Ptk.org website.
  • Under the “Benefits” link, click on “PTK Edge”.
    • Complete any 4 of the 5 available free, online, self-paced PTK Edge courses (must include Competitive Edge).
  • Under the “Benefits” link, click on “Learn Leadership”.
    • Click on “Start the Course” and complete the Leadership Development Studies course.
  • Once you have completed 4 of the 5 PTK Edge training courses and the Leadership Development Studies training course, complete this form including the dates each course was completed.
  • The completed form is automatically sent to your chapter advisor, who will verify your PTK Edge and Leadership Development Studies course completion through ptk.org.
  • Once your training course completions are verified, your advisor will send it to OTC Academic Affairs and the OTC Registrar, who will add 3 hours of HON 101 to your transcript as “Prior Learning Credit” (PLC).
  • The 3 hours of HON 101 will count as an elective toward your degree, will not have a grade – but will rather show as PLC, and will count as 3 hours of honors credit toward completion of the OTC Honors Program.