Medical Alerts / Security Letters for Students

Students who may be at risk for a medical situation while attending classes at OTC are asked to fill out a Medical Alert form found on the DSS Forms & Requests page.

Instructors are not asked to fill out this form for a student or retain this form or letter in their files. If you have a student who advises you they have filled out a Medical Alert form their Security letter should be on file with Safety and Security.

Any student or instructor with questions should contact DSS at In the event of an emergency, instructors should contact Safety and Security.

Seizure First Aid

Seizure Kit Locations at OTC

Seizure Kits Information – There are several Seizure kits around campus for use with students and others who experience a seizure. There is a pillow, blanket etc in each kit.

Locations of Seizure Kits

IC 208 – Safety and Security Office

ICE 116 – DSS Office

ICW 109 – Student Services 1st Floor

ICW 219 – Student Services 2nd Floor

LCN 210 – Allied Health Offices

Graff Hall 113A – Adult Education and Literacy Office

NKM 135 – Deans Office Suite

ITTC – Room 222J Middle College Conference Room

ECEC – Teachers Work Area 2nd Floor