Testing Requests & Accommodation Letters

Student Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to:

  • properly schedule exams according to DSS guidelines and contact your instructor with any exception requests
  • contact both your instructor and the DSS Testing Center if you are unable to test at the originally requested time. Reschedules of an exam must be approved by the instructor and the student must file an Updated Exam Request Form and complete an updated Sign-up Genius to confirm the new date/time is available.

Academic Integrity:

The same rules which apply to honest and ethical work in the classroom apply to out-of-class testing.

  • Per OTC Policy 5.24 of the Student Handbook, the consequences for violating the college’s academic integrity standards may include lowered or failing grades on assignments or in courses or expulsion from the college for a serious or repeated offense.  For more information, see Academic Integrity Resources.
  • Submit your Exam Request for each exam at least 5 days prior to the exam date.
  • Plan to take your exam as close to the same day/time as your class, Exceptions or make-up exams must be approved by your instructor.
  • Complete BOTH the Sign-Up Genius (secures your seat) and the DSS Exam Request (notifies your instructor)
  • (Sign-up Genius will require you to create an account the first time.) Use your OTC email and remember your password for future exams, or to cancel a sign-up genius. Buttons for Sign-up genius are found on the Exam Request page. Click below to go there now.
  • You will take your exams in the DSS Testing Center in ICE116. Bring a photo ID and check in at front desk.

Accommodation letters are sent automatically to each DSS student’s OTC email every semester.

SPRING 2024 letters went out on or about January 12, 2024. Please check your email first to be sure you did not already receive your letter before you place a request.

*You’ll need to contact DSS by email or call 417-447-8189 if you did not receive your letter.

When a student is dissatisfied with any academic accommodations, the fastest process for resolving the issue is to directly contact the student’s DSS Accessibility Coordinator. You can call 417-447-8189 or email Disability Services to schedule an appointment.

A student may pursue informal resolution of a complaint by emailing the DSS Director Pan Porter or by scheduling a meeting to discuss the issue and explore possible avenues of resolution.

A student may initiate formal resolution by following the procedures for OTC Resolution described in our Grievance Procedures.