DSS Forms & Requests

All DSS Forms and Requests are provided here for your convenience. Please be sure to read instructions for each one you select. Please inform DSS of any broken links or forms that do not load properly.

  • As a student with a disability, you may receive accommodations to ensure you have equal access to the examination process. DSS works with faculty to provide testing accommodations to students who qualify.
  • You are responsible for presenting your Accommodation Letter to your instructors and for discussing testing accommodations with them prior to exam time.
  • You will take your exams in the lab in the DSS office in ICE116. Bring a photo ID and check in at front desk.
  • You must complete an Exam Request for each exam at least 3 business days prior to the exam date.


Requesting an Exam:

    • You must schedule each exam to ensure provision of exam accommodations.
    • You must submit an online “DSS Exam Request Form”
    • You must schedule exam at least 3 business days prior to the exam date.
    • You must take exam on the same day and time as the class. Any exceptions must be approved by the instructor. 

Student Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to:

  • schedule each exam. If you fail to schedule, it is unlikely your exam will be available.
  • contact both your instructor and the DSS testing site if you are unable to test at the originally requested time. Reschedules of an exam must be approved by the instructor.
  • explain to the scribe, if utilized, what level of assistance is needed, to instruct the scribe how to best ensure access during the exam and to ensure the accuracy of scribed answers.

Academic Integrity:

The same rules which apply to honest and ethical work in the classroom apply to out-of-class testing.

Per OTC Policy 5.24 of the Student Handbook, the consequences for violating the college’s academic integrity standards may include lowered or failing grades on assignments or in courses or expulsion from the college for a serious or repeated offense.  For more information, see Academic Integrity Resources.

Coming Soon: Request Interpreter

At this point you’ll need to talk with your Disability Resource Counselor (DRC) to see if you qualify for Interpreter Services. They can help you navigate the process for this accommodation.

Coming Soon: Request Captioning Services

At this point you’ll need to talk with your Disability Resource Counselor (DRC) to see if you qualify for Captioning Services. They can help you navigate the process for this accommodation.

Coming Soon Request your Accommodation Letter

To get your accommodation letter you must be a registered DSS Student. See Apply Now on our main page if you have not yet registered with DSS.

Accommodation letters are sent automatically to each DSS student’s OTC email every semester.

Summer 2022 letters went out on or about June 1-2, 2022. Please check your email first to be sure you did not already receive your letter before you place a request.

*Since this feature is not yet available, you’ll need to contact DSS if you did not receive your letter.

When a student is dissatisfied with any academic accommodations, the fastest process for resolving the issue is to directly contact the student’s DSS Counselor. You can call 417-447-8189 or email Disability Services to schedule an appointment.

A student may pursue informal resolution of a complaint by emailing the DSS Director Jeff Jones or by scheduling a meeting to discuss the issue and explore possible avenues of resolution.

If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, the student may initiate formal resolution by following the procedures for OTC Resolution described in our Grievance Procedures.

Please read our Student Rights and Responsibilities