The provided template should be used as a guide in the development of syllabi for all courses (hybrid, online, and seated). The content in this template can be modified by an instructor, with department chair or program director approval.

How to use this template:

  • Red text in this template indicates content an instructor should modify to adapt the syllabus to his or her course.
  • A computer icon indicates content that pertains only to online and/or hybrid courses. This icon and content can be deleted from syllabi being designed for seated courses.

NOTE: The icon images in this template will not copy directly into the text box Blackboard.  If you’d like to include the icon images you will need to save them to your desktop and insert them into Blackboard using the “insert image” function.

Syllabus Template fo SP 16 – html format
Use this format to embed your syllabus directly into Blackboard

Syllabus Template for SP 16 with icons

Syllabus Template for SP 16 without icons

Academic Affairs Contact List
This document lists the Deans, Department Chairs / Program Directors, and other staff under the direction of the Provost / Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

How to import html syllabus template into Blackboard