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Proctoring Resources for Faculty

I am an OTC Faculty Member and I want to:

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Proctored events, including exams as proctored events, may be offered anytime during the spring 2022 term.

There are TWO things you need to do to “tell” Proctorio and Testing Services know what resources (if any) your students should have access to for their proctored event:

ONE: To let folks at testing services know, please name/title your proctored event in Canvas with the word “proctored” in it, with the name of the assignment/exam/quiz, and an R or NR designation.

  • R = resources – this means your students will be allowed open resources (this includes books, notes, etc.)
  • NR = no resources – this means your students will only be allowed scratch paper, pen/pencil, and a basic calculator

For example:

Proctored Exam 3 (R) – Students will be allowed all resources.

Proctored Exam 3 (NR) – Students will not be allowed resources other than what is mentioned below.



*Note* Resource allocation for Proctorio is handled through settings in Proctorio and are not related to the R or NR identification for physical test centers. 

For most courses – you won’t need to share any information with us.  We have access to a tool that allows us to retrieve information about your proctored event directly out of Canvas.

Math faculty – please continue using the Faculty Request for Proctored Exam Form for your paper/pencil proctored exams.

Great!  The more pedagogically sound the proctored event can be — the better.  Nothing is worse for students or testing staff than a proctored event that isn’t helpful to the students’ academic progress.  Please feel free to think broadly about how to use your students’ time most wisely.

If you’re ready to try something new, first, please work directly with your department chair.  Then, check out resources offered through the Center for Academic Innovation, including instructional design.

At Lebanon, please email with the following information:

  • course name, student name, exam name (include any special guidelines for the exam, time/day the student will be arriving to take the exam)

At Richwood Valley, please email to schedule.

At Springfield, please use the Faculty Request for Make-up Exam Form.

At Table Rock, please use direct your student to use the Proctored Exam Appointment Request Form.

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