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Are you planning on having your students use an OTC testing location for your proctored event(s)?

Then please use the following resources:

  • Proctored Exam FAQs
  • Summer Semester (no scheduling block)
  • Fall 2019
  • Spring 2020 Proctoring in Testing Services Schedule
    • Please note our new format!  To use this new document simply find your course on the left hand side of this document, then look across the rows to find the block of weeks that you should use for your traditional proctored event.  If you are managing your own proctored event, or using an alternative services for your proctored event (like a tutoring appointment) you do NOT need to follow this schedule.


Are you planning on allowing your students use ProctorU Auto as an option for your proctored event(s)?

Then please use this information to help you with the process:  Faculty ProctorU Auto Information

Are you planning on using an alternative proctored event – like a tutoring or library research appointment – for your proctored event(s)?

Then please coordinate with that service area to be sure

  • they have the capacity/staff to handle your students
  • they understand what type of assignment your students will be bringing with them.
  • you understand how they will be letting you know your student received that service (and had their idetity verified)

You do not need to follow the Proctoring Schedule posted above.

Are you managing your own proctored event(s) using a technology or software – like Zoom?

Please use this Guidance for Faculty on ID Verification for Proctored Events document to be sure you feel comfortable with OTC’s guidelines on how we verify student identity.

You do not need to follow the Proctoring Schedule posted above.  Please contact the Center for Academic Innovation and/or IT for support with any technology or software you may be using for this process.

Proctored Exam Forms

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