OTC’s Standards of Student Conduct as outlined in Policy 5.15 applies to any travel sponsored by the college.

Field Trip is described as an off campus “Day Only” activity, chaperoned by an OTC staff member, and consists of travel under 125 miles one-way originating from any OTC campus or center. Completion of the Field Trip Form automatically provides proper notification to college officials of intended field trip plans and does not require additional approvals.

Overnight/over 125 miles travel is described as an Intent to Travel with Students in a college-sanctioned event requiring an overnight stay and/or travel of at least 125 miles one-way originating from any OTC campus or center. OTC’s Student Travel Policy 5.36 outlines necessary protocols.

If a travel activity involves expenses that the travel sponsor will pay for out of pocket and considers reimbursable by the college as described in Policy 6.12 Direct Reimbursement for Permissible Expenditures. Students who are also employees of the college must submit an Advanced Travel Request (ATR) and obtain approval before participating in the travel activity if they expect reimbursement for expenses.

  • For student travel initiated through the Student Affairs division, please enter Jan Fleischman as the designated administrative assistant and Dr. Joan Barrett for the designated Vice Chancellor.
  • For student travel initiated through the Academic Affairs division, please enter the designated administrative assistant for finances for Arts, Sciences & Business, Health Sciences, or Technical Education, the associated dean/executive dean, and Dr. Tracy McGrady for the designated Vice Chancellor.

**In case of emergency during your trip, please follow the SAME Policies and Procedures as you would on campus. Please refer to the Safety & Security website.

If the sponsoring organization does not provide release forms for your overnight travel with students, please use the generic OTC release form provided for submission.