Application Deadline: September 1


The program now requires a mandatory advising session as part of the application process.  See the student checklist for additional information.

About the PTA Program

The OTC Richwood Valley Campus, located on Highway 14, approximately 1.5 miles west of Highway 65, at 3369 W. Jackson St., Ozark, MO 65721, offers the Physical Therapist Assistant program.

The OTC Physical Therapist Assistant program prepares students to:

  • Provide appropriate interventions based upon the plan of care
  • Assist the physical therapist with data collection
  • Communicate and work cooperatively with the physical therapist
  • Document patient interventions
  • Interact with patients and their families
  • Participate with the physical therapist in teaching other health care providers


The OTC PTA program will transform the lives of its graduates by preparing them with the contemporary knowledge, skills and behaviors required to provide effective physical therapy care and interventions, under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.


Graduates will:

1)      Demonstrate entry-level knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to provide safe and effective physical therapy care and interventions, under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.

Program Will:

1)      Transform the lives of students by providing an effective and innovative learning experience that is consistent with contemporary educational theory.

2)      Provide curricular content reflective of contemporary practice of physical therapy

3)      Cultivate community relationships to ensure a sufficient number and variety of quality Clinical education partners.

4)      Maintain Program Policies and Procedures that support the effective implementation of the program.

5)      Assure that resources meet the current and projected program needs.


PTA Program Faculty Will:

1)      Demonstrate knowledge and skills reflective of the contemporary practice of physical therapy

2)      Foster positive learning experiences through innovative educational practices

Model behaviors that are consistent with the core documents of the APTA.


Program Outcomes:    

Upon periodic assessment of program goals, evidence of the following will be determined.

1) Provide realistic, up to date information to students, the community, and to prospective students.

2) Provide needed professional and career development opportunities for the physical therapy community.

3) Collaborate with regional physical therapy educational programs to facilitate the development of appropriate PT/PTA relationships.

4) Partnership with an adequate number and variety of clinical experiences to enhance student learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates, at entry-level, will:

1) Provide safe and effective interventions based upon the plan of care established by the supervising physical therapist, following legal and ethical guidelines.

2) Communicate and collaborate effectively with the PT, patient, and all other stakeholders, exhibiting respect for individual and cultural differences.

3) Competently perform tests and measures essential to guide the provision of the plan of care.

4) Thoroughly and accurately document patient-related activities, consistent with institutional, legal, and billing requirements.

5) Demonstrate behaviors consistent with the Guide for Conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant and The Core Values of the Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant.

6) Make sound clinical decisions, consistent with current evidence-based resources, to achieve the intended patient outcomes.

7) Identify career development and lifelong learning opportunities that support continued competency.

8) Participates in the efficient delivery of physical therapy services.

9) Describe and participate in, aspects of organizational planning and operation of physical therapy services.

Faculty Outcomes:

Upon annual review, faculty will demonstrate evidence of the following:

1) Effective teaching strategies for the contemporary practice of physical therapy.

2) Active participation in MPTA and/or APTA.

3) Effective advocacy for the profession.

4) Active participation in health and wellness promotion.

5) Healthy life-styles

The OTC PTA faculty support the American Physical Therapy Association and believe that instilling values of professional membership is one of the duties to the profession. Therefore, all PTA faculty and students are members of the APTA and discover the value of APTA membership. The OTC PTA program is proud to support the Reach 100 Student Membership Challenge.


The OTC PTA program now requires all applicants to attend a Physical Therapist Assistant Advising session prior to applying to the program. Physical therapist assistant advising sessions are offered frequently, and no appointment is necessary.

Questions that cannot be answered via the provided links should be emailed to the Program Director, Niki Wallen at, or contact the Health Sciences office at located in Lincoln Hall, room 210, on the OTC Springfield campus, 417-447-8803, 447-8804, or 447-8954.


The Physical Therapist Assistant program is designed to prepare graduates to meet state requirements to practice as an assistant to a physical therapist in a variety of healthcare settings.  Physical therapist assistants have the rewarding opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of people with healthcare problems arising from injury or disease.  Working under the supervision of a physical therapist, the physical therapist assistant participates in the clients’ recovery and return to a more functional lifestyle.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment outlook for PTAs is expected to increase much faster than average for all occupations.