Program Accreditation

The Office of Accreditation and Assessment provides services that support faculty, administrators and program personnel to ensure program and institutional quality through international, national and regional accreditations.


Accreditation of degree-granting academic programs provides the program with a credential.  These credentials are used to assess the quality of the program and how well it achieves its own goals, as well as the educational and performance standards of the accrediting agency. During the accreditation process, the program completes a self-examination of itself to determine how well it is meeting industry standards.  Sometimes program accreditations are used as an indicator that graduates of the program received the education needed to qualify them to be employed as professionals at a certain level or to become candidates for a professional license.


Why should a program become accredited? Accreditation:

  • Provides a system for accountability
  • Enhances the program’s reputation
  • Provides peer recognition
  • Stimulates self-evaluation


Why should a student attend an accredited program?  Accredited programs provide the following:

  • Recognition that institutions evaluated the program to determine it meets or exceeds national standards
  • Employers are able to recruit well-prepared graduates


Ozarks Technical Community College has earned accreditation through the following organizations.


Evaluation visits in 2024-2025 include:

  • Associate of Science in Nursing – fall 2024
  • Physical Therapist Assistant – fall 2024

Page updated 05.29.2024