Design your future by joining the OTC Graphic Design Program. The program’s mission is to provide instruction and training to prepare students for various graphic design careers, meeting local and national labor market needs.

We offer an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Graphic Design Technology and a Certificate of Achievement in Digital Photography. In the Graphic Design Program, you will combine your creativity and software skills to produce compelling visual communication that engages, informs and influences your target audiences. Course topics include page layout design, graphic production, web page design and more. In the Photography Program, you will develop your ability to take and enhance digital images that are both aesthetically appealing and informative. Course topics include lighting, studio photography, digital image editing and more. Students in both programs graduate with marketable skills and an interview-ready portfolio of their work.

Or, by choosing the Photography program, you can develop your ability to compose photographic imagery that is both aesthetically appealing and informative.