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The Faculty Senate would like to congratulate the adjuncts that have given 10 years of service to OTC!

Marvin Bennett- Technical Education- Welding
Wendy Evans- General Education- Life Sciences
Aaron Fortson- General Education- Accounting
Morgan Khojasteh- General Education- Communications
Kevin Kloppenburg- General Education- Art
Michael Lindsey- General Education- World Languages
Constance McGriff- General Education- History & Geography
Holly Peck- General Education- English
Amy Poe- General Education- Business Administration
Faith Swickard- Technical Education- Early Childhood Development
Carrie Vause- General Education (Lebanon)- Anatomy and Physiology
Kari Wolken- General Education- Life Sciences

The Faculty Senate would also like to congratulate the adjuncts that have given over 25 years of service to OTC!

Zoila Spear- 25 years- General Education- World Languages
Vernon Anderson- 29 years- Technical Education- Computer Information Services
Jerri Graven- 30 years- General Education- Mathematics
Edward Ramey- 31 years- General Education- Political Science

All of OTC wants to extend a congratulations to all adjuncts and all of their efforts into making OTC what it is!

Thanks A LOT!

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