Attendance and Administrative Withdrawal

Related Policies

2.61 Attendance Requirements

2.64 Administrative Withdrawal Policies and Procedures


The following resources include information and instructions for reporting attendance and conducting student withdrawals properly.

Attendance in Canvas

Submitting an administrative withdrawal/re-enrolling a student and reporting a last date of attendance (LDA) or Never Attend 

Attendance Status Designations

Following are explanations of present and absent status choices:

  • Present: on-site: student physically present in a seated class
  • Present: off-site: student is attending classes but is not physically present (e.g. via Teams, email, etc.)
  • Absent: not in class
  • Absent – College excused: the instructor is contacted by a college official to designate this type of absence (e.g. Title IX concerns)
  • Absent – College activity: student is absent for college-related event (e.g. SkillsUSA competition)
  • Absent – Military Leave:
  • Absent – Sending School: high school student is absent due to sending school calling off classes and unable to attend due to transportation (e.g. sending school closed for a snow day)

Important Information

Attendance Tracking 

Maintaining accurate attendance records and recording attendance on a daily basis is important for OTC to ensure the integrity of our programs and to remain in good standing with the Department of Education and accrediting bodies.  There are also implications in terms of the financial aid dollars made available to OTC if attendance is not properly reported. Failure to follow policies can result in adverse issues for both the student and the college.

Criterion for Administrative Withdrawal of students by instructor

An instructor will administratively withdraw a student from class if the student has not attended the class for 14 consecutive calendar days. This should be completed as close to the 14-day criterion being met. Administrative Withdrawals cannot be performed before the 14 days have been met by the student’s absence or any other reason besides meeting the 14-day criterion.

Student Initiated Drop and Reporting Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

When a student drops a class, the instructor should receive an email the next morning informing them that the student has dropped. Once this happens the instructor should check the attendance and report the LDA as quickly as possible. Any delay in this reporting may lead to the college being out of federal compliance for financial aid reporting.

Determining Attendance for dropped students