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Instructions for Entering Grades

OTC developed the following instructions  to aid you in submitting your grades. Please review this process prior to submitting grades.

  • Once you have reviewed these instructions, log into OTC Central to submit your grades located under the faculty tab.
  • Once you have provided your login, the system will direct you to a list of your classes. Future semester courses will also appear in this location. Please select one class from the current semester area. It should resemble the following image.

If you have more than one class for the semester, you will repeat this process to enter grades for each section.

manage your courses
  • Select the appropriate course from the list. After the course loads, you will see the list of student. You will need to select the “Grading” tab above the students names.
faculty overview
  • Then click the “Midterm” or  “Final Grading” tab depending on which you are wanting to submit.
faculty overview
  • Currently, no grade import is available for Canvas courses and the Canvas gradebook, you will need to enter each grade for your students.
  • If a student currently shows as enrolled in the course but due to lack of attendance they should have been withdrawn, please contact Gavin O’Connor ( or 417-447-8241) before submitting the grades to get the student dropped from the course prior to final grade submission. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • If a student dropped the course, OTC may require you may to enter a Last Date of Attendance (LDA).
  • For Final Grade submission, after you enter and review final grades, click “Post Grades” in the upper, right-hand corner. Midterm grades do not require any submit process. Grades for midterms now load directly into the system.
  • The system no longer requires instructors to turn in final grade verification to division/location secretaries for end of semester documentation. So, please do not worry about obtaining that.

Please note the pull-down menu for selecting grades in the picture below.

final grade

If an F or I grade is submitted, a Last Date of Attendance (LDA) is required.


Please contact Gavin O’Connor if you have any questions on this process.

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