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What is ProctorU Auto?

Here’s how ProctorU describes ProctorU Auto: read the press release announcing ProctorU Auto


Why did OTC choose ProctorU Auto?  Here’s a message from our provost explaining our reasoning:

As you are aware, the college requires every online section of a course to include a proctored assessment (exam, quiz, assignment, etc.). The college provides a remote proctoring option for students who prefer to complete their proctored assessments at home rather than utilize an OTC facility or other testing location (public library, testing center, etc.).


ProctorU currently serves as the remote proctoring vendor for the college and has been an option for students on a pay-per-assessment basis.  This service costs the student approximately $22.50 per assessment for a live proctor (exact cost varies by length of exam, time frame in which exam is submitted to ProctorU, and time frame in which student schedules exam). Recently, a committee comprised of faculty and staff conducted a review of various remote proctoring vendors to see if any changes should be implemented to our proctoring process.  After a lengthy review, including listening sessions held during the fall 2017 semester, the committee chose to remain with ProctorU; however, instead of continuing with the current “live proctor” option, the committee chose to adopt ProctorU Auto beginning with the summer 2018 semester. This solution differs from the “live proctor” solution in the following ways:


  • Significant Cost Savings: If the assessment is created within Canvas, the cost to the student to proctor the assessment is only $3.00—regardless of its allotted time.  This is a significant cost savings to students over the current average of $22.50 charged per assessment.


  • Video Capture: The student’s webcam is used to capture a video recording of the entire assessment-taking process and is made available to the instructor for review.  The video includes the identity verification process and tags any instances of aberrant testing behaviors using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. Examples of behaviors that would be flagged include leaving the room, changes in lighting levels, consistently looking away from the screen, etc.


  • “On Demand” Service: The service is available “on demand;” thus, the student will not need to schedule a testing appointment—unless the assessment is delivered within a third-party platform as described above.
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