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Transfer equivalencies for course credit obtained at OTC are provided by the receiving institutions. These equivalencies are provided for planning purposes only. Most general education classes can be transferred to other accredited institutions. Many institutions have pre-determined transfer equivalencies for OTC students and can be viewed on the Transfer Equivalency page.

Ozarks Technical Community College strives to create partnerships with four-year colleges and universities through official articulation agreements. An articulation agreement establishes an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between schools and are designed to aid students in making a more seamless transition when transferring with a degree from OTC to a four-year institution. Although such agreements are approved by both OTC and other institutions, a student should always refer to the college or university they wish to transfer to upon graduation from OTC for final approval of a specific degree program. To see what articulation agreements are available, please refer to the Current Articulation Agreements.

The 42-hour-block allows students who complete the 42-hour general education block at OTC and have it designated on their transcript to transfer to other signatory participating institutions. These course will be considered by these institutions as equivalent to the general education block of those receiving institution. A list of signatory institutions is provided on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website.

This articulated transfer degree is designed to assist students who aspire to become new teachers and begin their higher educations in a Missouri community college. The A.A.T. is a 65-credit hour program that will provide two-year students a more direct and predictable pathway to becoming a certified teacher. After completing the A.A.T. degree, students will be able to transfer without loss of credit to participating four-year colleges and universities in the state (MDHE).

The list of participating colleges and universities can be found on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website.

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