What happens if I don't take my proctored assessment?

Students who do not participate in at least one proctored event will be assigned a failing grade for the course. Refer to OTC’s Policies and Procedures Manual, section 2.21.

Why does OTC feel that proctored assessments are necessary?

Many administrators at OTC and other colleges and universities believe that proctored assessment provide more credibility to online courses and increase the assurance of academic integrity.

What is the student's role in proctoring arrangements?

What is the instructor's role in proctoring arrangements?

Where at OTC may students take proctored assessments?

OTC Testing Services proctors assessments for academic courses at all OTC campuses and outside entities. For more information, see the above sections for making proctored arrangements.

What off-campus locations may students use for proctoring?

Each OTC Online class requires one proctored assessment (some courses may require more) to be administered at any OTC facility or approved off-campus location. Examples of acceptable off-campus proctors include professional librarians at a public library, high school administrators or counselors, and authorized staff at U.S. military bases or embassies. Examples of unacceptable proctors are friends, relatives or employers.Students who qualify to complete the proctored assessment off-campus must complete the Off-Campus Proctoring Approval Form. Prior to visiting the proctoring location, students should confirm with the proctor that all needed materials have been received. If not, students should notify their instructor.

We have several off-campus locations  (This list does not offer every location available to the student.) and now offer students the ability to proctor their final at home using ProctorU. (Math and Com 105 are not included.) ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows students to complete their assessment at home while still ensuring the integrity of the assessment for the institution.

Who approves the off-campus form?

The instructor is the first point of contact for off-campus proctoring arrangements and must approve off-campus proctors under the guidelines of OTC Online. Exceptions to the above general rules must be approved by both the instructor and OTC Online.

What resources are available to help students locate a proctor and location?

OTC is a member of the National Consortium of College Testing Centers, which provides students a list of participating U.S. and international institutions that offer proctoring services. The consortium’s website also provides the contact and fee information for the participating testing centers. If the student is unable to locate a facility, OTC Online may be able to help find an appropriate off-campus testing facility in domestic or foreign locations.

Are proctored assessments online, or must they be completed on paper?

All proctored exams for online courses should be offered online via the Blackboard Learning System. Exception: at this time, proctored exams for online math courses are all paper-based because the nature of completing math problems requires students to show the step-by-step process for solving problems. All other exceptions must receive prior approval by Matt Harris, the Director of OTC Online. Most off-campus proctoring locations, domestic or foreign, have computers with Internet connectivity available for students to use.

Are instructors allowed to proctor their own assessments?

Yes, instructors may serve as proctors, but if they choose to do so, they cannot offer their proctoring services as the sole option or at a single date and time. Students cannot be required to meet on campus all at the same time to take an assessment proctored by the instructor. For more information the instructor should contact OTC Online at (417) 447-8200.

How much time should instructors give students for completing the proctoring requirement?

Instructors should provide at least a one-week period of opportunity for students to access the proctored assessment. At least one Saturday should be included in the assessment availability dates.

If the proctored event is an exam, two-hours is the required completion time. For other proctored events such as speech or presentation, the completion time is left up to each individual instructor.

Can instructors require students to come to a class meeting to take a proctored assessment?

No. The proctoring requirement cannot be treated like a “campus meeting” with the instructor. Students must be allowed to arrange for proctoring at a place and time convenient for them. Hybrid courses are exceptions to this rule. Please see the question below entitled “Are proctored assessments a requirement in hybrid courses?”

How does the proctoring requirement affect online math courses?

Currently, online math courses require that every exam be taken under proctored conditions. The number of proctored exams varies depending on the specific math course and the instructor. For more information contact the OTC Math Department at (417) 447-8217.

Are proctored assessments a requirement in hybrid courses?

No. In hybrid courses, assessments can be given during regularly scheduled “seat” time. Hybrid courses may include proctored assessments if the instructor chooses. In the event the instructor requires a proctored assessment, please see the above sections for making proctored arrangements.

What does proctoring cost students?

OTC’s Testing Services are offered at no charge to OTC students. However, some non-OTC testing centers charge a fee to proctor exams for OTC students. Any fees associated with off-campus proctoring for online courses are the student’s responsibility.

OTC Testing Services offers proctoring services for non-OTC students or other individuals needing proctored testing services. Please contact the Testing Services office at (417) 447-8187 for fee information. You may also visit the Testing Services web page for more information about non-OTC testing services.

Who can students contact for help with proctoring arrangements?

  • On-campus proctoring arrangements–Contact Testing Services at (417) 447-8187.
  • Off-campus proctoring arrangements–Contact the instructor.
  • For all other questions, contact OTC Online at (417) 447-8200.