• April 3 – This cohort begins in the fall semester (August)
  • Program is delivered at the OTC Springfield Campus, 1001 E. Chestnut Exp., Springfield, MO

The Surgical Technology Program is a selective admission program and admission is determined on a points-based system.  Points are awarded on the grades made in the BCS 165, BCS 205, BCS 200, BCS 210, and HSC 120; Bennett & Wonderlic score; math test and references.  For additional information, visit the Candidate Selection form on the ST Admission Information webpage: 

An incomplete file will not be considered – Complete the following by the application deadline.


  • Complete OTC admissions process.
  • Attend an informational session. Visit here for dates and times.  This is recommended but not required.
  • Complete preadmission courses or be in process of completing in the semester you are applying.
  • Official transcripts from accredited schools attended other than OTC must be received before the application deadline.
  • Submit the Surgical Technology application to the Health Sciences office by the application deadline (April 3). Instructions are on the application.  Find application here.
  • Submit 3 professional references by the application deadline (April 3). Visit here for instructions and form.
  • Complete 4 or more hours of job shadowing for additional points by the application deadline (April 3). This is not required but recommended.  Click here for the Job Shadowing form.
  • Complete Peg Board and Bennett & Wonderlic testing by the application deadline (April 3). Registration & information is found here.


  • Student will receive their score upon completion of test.
  • Testing Services will email results to the Health Sciences office.
  • Student can take these tests twice per application cycle.
  • Payment is required for Bennett & Wonderlic but not the Peg Board test.
  • Scoring is outlined on the Candidate Selection form.


  • Students receiving the highest level of admission points will receive an invitation to be interviewed.
  • The Candidate Selection form outlines how points are accumulated.
  • Letters regarding the date, time, and location will be mailed to the address on the application approximately 2 weeks in advance. Notify the  Health Sciences office of any change in name, address, or phone number.
  • An email with duplicate information will be sent to student’s OTC email address.
  • Responsibility for failing to receive the letter due to incorrect contact information will fall to the student.
  • Math testing is part of the interview process. A sample math test may be found here.  Calculator will not be allowed.
  • The interview will be approximately 15 minutes in length. The student is asked questions by a group of interviewers.
  • Students may be interviewed pending successful completion of preadmission courses by the end of the summer. However, you will receive 0 points for these classes since they have not been completed.


  • Based upon the program’s admission scoring system, the top 20 applicants will be offered a position in the program and will receive information on the necessary steps to complete the program admission.
  • Letters are mailed out to the address on the application by USPS and emailed to the OTC email address indicating acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.
  • The accepted students will receive an acceptance packet through their OTC email to complete the admission process.


  • Applicants and alternates not selected for admission are requested to notify the Health Sciences office at their earliest convenience to move their file to the next available deadline.
  • Students are allowed to apply to the Surgical Technology program twice. Any application made after the second attempt will not be considered without special permission from the Program Director.
  • Applications must be renewed annually.
  • Inactive application files will be shred after 12 months.

Contact the Health Sciences office with any questions at (417) 447-8803 or emailing

OTC cannot guarantee that students classified under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will receive approval to take the licensure exam after program completion. Please contact the state or national agency that administers the professional licensure exam to inquire about licensure exam requirements.

 Background Check – Students with a felony or a significant criminal history may not be able to participate in clinical experiences at some of our sites and may not be able to apply for a license to practice.  Contact the Health Sciences office for additional information (

Updated 6/22/21