Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology
Program Director:  Angela Enlow
Contact information:  (417) 447-8845

This is an overview to assist the student in completing the preadmission coursework required to apply to the Surgical Technology program.

The following preadmission course requirements must be completed or in process of completing to apply to the April 3 deadline.  This program starts in the fall and completes the following spring semester.  Two semesters of program coursework for a total of 63 hours which includes the preadmission course requirements.  Refer to OTC’s Course Catalog for details.

  • BCS 165 Human Anatomy
  • BCS 205 Human Physiology
  • BCS 200 Microbiology
  • BCS 210 Pathophysiology
  • HSC 120 Medical Terminology
  • MTH 128 Contemporary Math (or higher)
  • 1 ENG 101 English Composition
  • PSY 110 Intro to Psychology
  • 2 PLS 101 American Government
  • COM 100 Introduction to Communication (or higher)

1 ENG 100 (Composition I w/support) or ENG 102 (Composition II) may be accepted as an alternative to ENG 101

1 ENG 101 is now offering a section designed for students pursuing a degree in Health Sciences.  Students choosing to take that section should look in the “note” section on the schedule for the following statement:  This section is designed for students pursuing a degree in Health Sciences.”

2HST 120 or HST 130 may be accepted as an alternative to PLS 101

EXCEPTIONS:  Email if any of these apply to you for additional details:

  • Completed BCS 120, BCS 145 and/or BCS 146
  • BCS course(s) were completed more than 5 years ago
  • If a passing grade is not achieved after two attempts in any preadmission requirement, an applicant may not be considered for the program. See the OTC policy for repeat course grades:
  • If a 6-hour anatomy & physiology course has been taken at an accredited institution other than OTC and it has been taken within the last 5 years (based on final review of official transcript and in accordance with specific transfer credit), BCS 205 would be required to complete the 8-credit hour A&P progression.


  • Application Deadline:  April 3
  • This program has a selective admission process.
  • Points are given towards grades in BCS 165, BCS 205, BCS 200, BCS 210, and HSC 120; references; Bennett, Wonderlic, and Pegboard test results; and the interview and interview math test.  See the “Candidate Selection Form” for details.
  • Preadmission requirements may be in the process of completion to apply to the Surgical Technology program, and must be completed by the end of the summer semester that student is accepted.
  • Points will not be given for classes completed in the summer.
  • Mid-term grades will be used if completing preadmission requirements in the spring semester for the review process.
  • A grade of “C” or higher is required in all preadmission requirements.


  • Review the Application Checklist to complete the application process.
  • The program requires a full-time, daytime commitment.
  • OTC reserves the right to modify course titles, sequences, and content in accordance with college procedures.
  • Health Sciences contact number is (417) 447-8803

Background Check – Students with a felony or a significant criminal history may not be able to participate in clinical experiences at some of our sites and may not be able to apply for a license to practice.  Contact the Health Sciences Office for additional information by emailing