2021 Conference, we at OTC are still on restrictions when it comes to additional people on campus and number of people in rooms. Given these restrictions we at OTC have decided that we will NOT be able to hold the Respiratory Therapy conference in the spring of 2021. At this time there are no plans to hold it later in the year, but that may change.

We know that this decision impacts you and your plan for CRCE’s and that weighed heavily on our minds. However, there are options out there for CRCE’s and we have a list of some of those options below.

  • AARC University – this source has plenty of FREE CRCE’s for its members and even more at a greatly reduced cost.
  • MSRC State Meeting – This Conference would supply all the CRCE’s that you might need
  • Drager – This source has many free CRCE’s for anyone
  • Passy Muir – This source has many free CRCE’s for anyone

We apologize to all the participants of the conference and would like to thank you all for making this conference such a success over the years.  Please monitor our facebook page and website for any updates on this possible conference.