About the Mathematics Department

The mission of the Mathematics department is to support students in learning those numerical skills and abilities that will enable them to solve problems they will encounter both in their career responsibilities and their future academic pursuits.


The overall goal of the Mathematics department is to provide students with the mathematical knowledge needed for their degree and to prepare transfer students for further study in mathematics.  After completing coursework in this discipline, students should be able to:

  • Clearly communicate mathematical concepts using correct terminology and notation
  • Simplify and solve algebraic expressions and equations
  • Construct and interpret graphs in various coordinate systems
  • Read, interpret, analyze and synthesize data and make reasoned conclusions
  • Simplify and solve transcendental expressions and equations
  • Apply and use mathematical models to solve problems


OTC places students enrolling in Trigonometry, or a higher level math course, based on ACT math scores or previous college credit. OTC encourages students enrolling in a math course lower than Trigonometry to take the Guided Self-Placement instrument. This test can help determine which math course OTC recommends for them based on their degree program. For more information about degree opportunities, see Programs of Study.