Library Study Rooms on Springfield Campus

IC 100A

Photo of IC 100A, small study room with glass walls

IC 100O

Photo of IC 100, a small study room with bean bag, soft seating, and soft lighting

IC 100Q

Photo of IC 100Q, a large study room with conference table and 6 chairs

The OTC Library on the Springfield campus has 3 study rooms available for reservation!

  • IC100A: Small glass study room (max occupancy = 3)
  • IC100O: Quiet sensory study room (max occupancy = 4)
  • IC100Q: Large sensory, conference study room (max occupancy = 8)

Our Family Study Room can be reserved by parenting OTC students. To reserve our Family Study Room (parenting students only), please click here.

Please fill out the form below to request a study room reservation. Study rooms are only available during regular library hours. PLEASE NOTE: your reservation is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from us. If the study room you requested is not available at your selected time, we will let you know and then you may request a different time or location. Questions? Contact us any time at or 417-447-8185. For study rooms at the Richwood Valley Campus, please email or call 417-447-7750.