About the Programs

OTC Career Center (High School Students)

The OTC Career Center offers high school juniors and seniors from participating school districts the opportunity to earn high school and free college credits while building skills and knowledge relevant to future careers or higher education.

Middle College (High School Students)

A full-day, consortium high school for juniors and seniors in Springfield Public Schools and participating school districts. Students are able to finish high school, start college early, develop employability skills and earn internships.

Early Start (High School, Home School, GED)

Take a class or two on the OTC campus each semester during your junior and/or senior year of high school or while completing your GED.

College Now

OTC’s newest high school program is available to students from select high school districts to participate in college classes in person and on an OTC campus while still in high school.

Dual Credit

The OTC Dual Credit program provides an opportunity for eligible high school and homeschool students to enroll in college-level courses and earn both college credit and high school credit simultaneously, either at their high school or online.

Articulated Credit

Articulated credit allows eligible students from select high schools the option to earn free college credit for technical courses completed at their high school or area career center after completing a course with OTC.

Home School

OTC invites you as a home school student to take a class or two on the OTC campus or online before you receive your diploma.

Adult Education & Literacy

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) provides specialized instruction to help students build or refresh the basic academic skills necessary for success in life, education and employment.