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Speak with Your High School Counselor

FastTrack is only currently only available at Hollister, Laquey, Ozark and Waynesville High Schools.

If you have already spoken with your high school counselor and your school offers FastTrack courses, please move on to Step 2.

Apply for Admission

Complete the free, online application  and remember to select FastTrack.

If you are a returning student, you can skip this step.

Guided Self-Placement

Guided self-placement is an alternative to timed placement tests like the ACT. Review the Self-Placement Guidelines to determine which English, math and science classes are the best fit for you. It is important that you make an informed and wise choice about your placement.

Your high school may have additional requirements.

Complete and return the FastTrack Permission Form

Complete the fillable form and return to your high school representative.

Purchase Textbooks

Before completing this step, contact your high school district. Textbooks and materials are occasionally paid by the district.

For required textbooks and materials information, log in to MyOTC and select the Course Materials Information link.

To reserve textbooks and materials for pick up at the OTC Bookstore, log in to MyOTC and select the Textbook Reservation Information link (fall and spring semesters only).  Students who set up a MyPay Monthly Payment Plan may charge textbooks and materials to their student account.

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