College Now Admission Process

Speak with Your High School Counselor

College Now is only currently available for high school students that attend Hollister, Laquey, Ozark, Republic and Waynesville High Schools.

If you attend one of the above schools and obtained permission to participate from the high school, please move on to Step 2.

Apply to Become an OTC Student

Complete the free, online application and remember to select College Now.

If you completed the OTC application or enrolled in an OTC course within the last year, you can skip this step.

Guided Self-Placement

Guided Self-Placement is an alternative to timed placement tests like the ACT; it may be a more effective mechanism for placement in English, math and reading courses related to student experiences, interests, and goals.

With the help of our Self-Placement Guidelines, it is the student’s responsibility to decide which English, math and reading courses are best.  It is important that you make an informed and wise choice about placement.

Complete the process via the button below prior to registering in classes.

Submit Completed College Now Course & Permission Form

Complete the fillable form and return to your high school representative. This step has to be completed each semester prior to enrollment in classes at OTC.

Obtain Course Materials

Before completing this step, contact your high school district. Textbooks and materials are occasionally paid by the district.

For required textbooks and materials information, log in to myOTC, select the graduation hat on the left-hand menu, Bookstore Materials, select correct semester, and View Books. Course materials for some courses may list “AutoAccess,” use the button below to learn more.