Springfield, Missouri electronic media degree programs

Create highly visual productions that are engaging, modern and highly sought after in this innovative program. Featuring the latest technology, instruction from industry professionals and project-based instruction, students in Electronic Media Production will rapidly gain employable skills and necessary knowledge to operate in a variety of media environments within the industry.

Electronic Media Production Associate’s Degree

Learn skills designed to meet the changing needs of the audio-visual industry in a digital format within the Electronic Media Production program. Be graded and evaluated based on what you produce within a hands-on laboratory environment, where you’ll learn digital video production and editing, multi-track audio production, computer-based game design, 3-D animation and radio production and more. Classes include Studio Television Production, Video Systems, Digital Video Production, Digital Special Effects and more. Upon completion, students receive an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Media Production.

Electronic Media Production Certificate

Get a rapid introduction to electronic media production by obtaining a short-term Electronic Media Production Certificate. Students learn a variety of contemporary production skills determined by the needs of the media industry. Classes include Into Electronic Media Production, Sound Design, Photojournalism, 3-D Animation and more. Upon completion, students receive an Electronic Media Production Certificate.

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Electronic Media Production Mission Statement

The mission of the Electronic Media Production program at Ozarks Technical Community College is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to produce professional content and operate in a variety of media environments within the industry.